A Look At The Reno 6 Pro Compared To Its Competitor


The new Oppo Reno 6 Pro from Samsung is the flagship smartphone for late half of next year, coming just 6 months after its predecessors. With a very minor aesthetic design and few internal specifications refresh, the new smartphone has been upgraded with many new features. The most striking change with this phone is the drastic reduction in size of the icons on the home screen and the app drawer. This makes the phone easier to use and offers a sleeker, modern look. Reno 6 Pro

I’ve used the original Oppo Reno 6 Pro and was impressed with how well it worked for my use. Despite having a large fingerprint sensor, it responded quickly to my touch and provided a clean interface. It was easy to use, quick to launch apps, had great battery life, and had a solid back-screen display. When I bought the Oppo Reboo, I had no intention of selling it. I already had my first Samsung Galaxy S4, so the thought of purchasing another device was laughable to me.

When I unpacked the handset and went to begin using it, I was pleasantly surprised by the design of the device. A metallic silver metal material covers the entire back of the device, leaving just a small plastic icon for the keyboard at the bottom. A physical home button, a volume button and a power button are all that are available. My first impression was that the phone felt a little flimsy, but after holding the device for a few minutes, it quickly became apparent that the screen was nothing like I expected. The phone’s manufacturer, Samsung, did an excellent job creating a slim, sleek, and durable back casing, but the result is a phone that really lacks punch compared to other devices in the same price point.

The camera on the Reno 6 Pro isn’t anything special. It’s just another aspect of the phone that is priced competitively, but doesn’t stand out too much against the competition. The resolution, optical quality, and image stabilization on the camera are about average for this price, which is good for me since I don’t use the camera on a regular basis.

One of the features that I really love on smartphones these days is fast charging. There are several devices on the market that offer fast charging, but none of them include a physical button for fast charging. You have to access the setup interface, locate your battery, and then insert your SIM card into the provided slot. Once you’ve done that, you then have to physically push the button on the charger to activate the device and get it charged. This process is still as annoying as it was years ago, and the fact that you have to move your fingers over the buttons makes the process completely unusable for me.

Despite its flaws, the good outweigh the bad in the Reno 6 Pro. If the technology that the company has packaged inside it is good enough, it will help make other smartphones more efficient and reduce the amount of time that consumers have to spend waiting for a smartphone to charge up. Furthermore, it won’t force people to buy expensive accessories to improve on the user experience, like they had to do with the iPhone and the HTC Desire HD. The speed of the charger and the overall performance of the device will depend greatly on the person using it. Fortunately, the speed can be increased by purchasing an accessory called a Power Boost Kit, which is included in the price of the smartphone. It allows the unit to charge much faster than normal, allowing you to go from zero to full in the same amount of time.

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