Mi 9A: Review of Its Design and Performance


The Mi 9A is one of the hottest phones from Google, and this review is on its most popular sibling yet, the Mini version. The smaller version comes in handy if you need something compact and easy to use. The Mi 9A is not only the best smartphone available in the UK, but it’s easily the best smartphone in the world. The new Redmi 9A packs a powerful 13-mp camera with an impressive f/3.5 aperture. It sports a 2-megapixel front-facing camera and a 5-Mp sensor on the rear for facial blurring.

The Redmi 9A comes with a unique feature: the ability to turn off the screen when not in use. That’s right, no more beeps or whirly plastic. In addition, you can activate the fingerprint sensor with just one touch. This phone isn’t like many others that have dedicated keypads, and those get old after a while. On the other hand, the phone’s design doesn’t sacrifice looks in favor of looks. The phone still looks great, even after several weeks.

One of the highlights of this phone is the excellent display. The phone has a full HD screen that’s Super AMOLED, so all of the colors are displayed at their finest. It’s also touch sensitive, so typing is a cinch. The brightness of the screen is extremely bright, even on an LCD, which is why it’s so easy to read on this phone.

As far as user experience goes, the Mi 9A is one of the most intuitive ones on any smartphone. Everything you need is easily found, and you’re presented with options with just a few presses on the home key. That means your phone becomes less of a nuisance, and more of a help. If you want to change the wallpaper, for example, all you do is find the option on the home key, hit “OK”, and you can change it without ever taking your eyes off the phone. Another great feature is the fact that you can change the ringtone from a variety of music types, including classical, rap, jazz, etc. Mi 9A

Speaking of ringtones, they come in plenty. From fun and funky to more serious sounding ones, you can have fun experimenting with them. Mi 9A also comes with two different alarm sounds, one for calls and one for alarms. If you’re tired of the standard ringtones that come on most phones, then this is one phone that you should definitely pick up.

One feature that might end up being annoying is the camera’s ability to take up much memory. Fortunately, the Mi 9A comes with a decent sized memory card, but it isn’t something that you’d want to carry around with you all day long. Another little annoyance is the phone’s lack of notification LED. This, though, is only really a problem if you are always checking your email. If you check your email through the browser, then you won’t see the LED at all.

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