The Benefits to Using Electronic Medical Records Programs

Did you know that in 2009, Atlanta, Georgia residents’ lost property worth $643.2 million due to electrical fires?

Most of these fires started in homes due to the sudden voltage surge that damaged electronic equipment. Later, the entire electrical wiring in the unit was engulfed in flames.

You may have updated up your home with all the latest electronic equipments to make your life easier, but have you enlisted the help of Atlanta electrician to install a surge protector to ensure that these costly devices do not get damaged?

An experienced electrical contractor in Atlanta will be quick to point out to an electronic enthusiast the need for a surge protector in his or her home. The “electronic toys” that we love to posses are actually power sensitive devices that can get damaged easily due to current fluctuations also known as surges or spikes.

The sudden electric surges can cause wear and tear of internal wiring, equipment parts, and fuses. In worst scenarios, if the parts of the electronic equipments get extremely heated during prolonged voltage fluctuation, they can start a fire.

You should call up electricians in Atlanta and get surge protectors installed, as they will provide you with true value for the money. They are quite affordable and provide complete protection to expensive electronic devices from electrical spikes and excess voltage. electronic shops indiranagar

Are you are still contemplating whether or not you should hire an electrician to install a surge protector?

Well, here are some additional benefits of surge protectors that can help you make a decision:


  • Precious Power Saving: There are two types of surge protectors available in the market- point of use and whole house units. Point-of-use devices are beneficial for homeowners if they have several electronic appliances that draw a large amount of power even when they are not in operation.
  • Point of use surge protectors help turn off the “standby power” of unused equipments and promote power savings. Whole house units, on the other hand, act as a safety net for all your home equipments as they are able to detect the voltage spikes right at the electrical panel of your homes. Whole house units protect your power lines, cable connections, as well as internet wires.
  • Indicators to help you make improvements:There are surge protectors that come with a power meter that gives a clear indication about how much power is being utilized by a particular device. This helps in better electricity management. It also helps you avoid electrical waste and reduce your monthly utility bills.



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